Core Four Opportunities

Our Core Four programs are our primary methods to accomplish our vision and see transformation in our hearts, lives and region. We believe each of us are fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139: 13-14) and have a God-given purpose for our life. These programs provide opportunities to discover our purpose and develop our talents to accomplish it.




We believe the principle of stewardship includes taking the transformative message of the Gospel to those that have never heard it, whether in our local communities or to the ends of the earth. Our heart is to be a connection point for organizations, long-term missionaries, and short-term teams to serve and love people. Will you join us in making a lasting impact?

  • Trips: Sending short-term teams to serve long-term missionaries and staff to help accomplish their mission.
    • February 2022 Uganda Trip. This trip is filled! Stay tuned for more opportunities!
  • Funding Initiatives: Empowering people and organizations by resourcing them to accomplish their mission.
    • Haiti Project (Microfinance). Click here for more info. 
      • Click here for a direct link to online giving. 
    • Haiti Project (Roofing). Click here for more info.
      • Click here for a direct link to online giving.
  • Framework and Development Support: We provide support to individuals and organizations in our relational network to help establish framework to catalyze maximum impact.

Leadership Development

We truly believe that 1 Corinthians 12 is God’s desire for the Body of Christ. We have a purpose individually, however, it is meant to be lived out collectively. Our goal is to inspire leaders in all spheres (Religion/Church, Business, Family, Government, Education, Arts, and Media) to be Kingdom focused and equip them accordingly. Do you know your purpose? Are you actively seeking to be equipped and activated?

  • Aspire Summits: These events are for individuals or entire teams that are seeking to learn, grow, and have a positive impact in their areas of influence, including families and communities.
  • Wilderness Trips: Join us on an adventure to discover your identity, grow relationally, and develop your leadership skills.
    • Stay tuned…we hope to finalize trips in the upcoming months. 
  • Retreats: These are highly customized retreats for entire teams to grow together. Contact us if you have been impacted by a summit or trip and wish to take your team to the next level!

Creative Arts

People with truly creative minds often find it challenging to connect with people at a heart level unless they have a creative gift as well. In addition, creative expression is often suppressed culturally in our region. Our goal is to see Creative Arts expressed in the region by helping people discover, develop, and utilize their gifting for His glory. Are you seeking an outlet for your creative talent?

These upcoming events are for those desiring to live creative lives within faith, community, and society.

  • Creative Workshop
    “Discover and explore your creative gift within the larger story”

    • Check back in for our next event!
  • Creative Celebration
    “Celebrating His goodness through Creative Arts”

    • We are finalizing plans for our next event in December….

Support & Recovery

Our goal is to provide resources and connections for more challenging situations or life messes. This is not to replace care or discipleship at a church level. Ideally, these resources empower churches to provide safe environments for people to grow while maintaining a simplified approach. How can we serve you on your journey?

  • Sexual Purity
    “Helping people establish disciplines on their journey to complete freedom”

    • Conquer Series. We host this 10 week course twice a year.
      • Click here to register for the January 2022 course! 
  • Education 
    “A wholehearted approach to awareness, prevention, and healing of sexual abuse”.

    • Holistic Ministry Program. We developed this program to educate, equip, and empower ministry leaders.
      • Click here to learn more. 
  • Counseling
    “Connections to safe, reputable, and professional 3rd party resources to help you discover your next steps.”

    • Please contact us if you would like to be connected with these resources.