Jason & Amanda Stoltzfus and their family have been serving in Haiti since 2010. They have established many relationships with the local people over the years and continue to empower them to help themselves.

In 2016, Hurricane Matthew caused devastating destruction over a large portion of the Tiburon Peninsula in Haiti. While many people received aid and support, the people living in the more remote mountain regions were largely left to fend for themselves due to the logistical challenges of reaching them. The thatch roofs on their homes were completely destroyed, and as a result, many families are still living out in the open or under tarps. This project is focused on helping them rebuilt their roofs by purchasing metal and sending teams to install the metal roofing on their homes.

The only access to the villages is via a footpath through the mountains which requires an intense (8-12) hour hike. This means all supplies and materials need to be packed in on foot. The overall goal is to empower the local people; therefore, they need to have the framing ready for the metal and are also required to carry the metal back to their homes. Once a village has their homes prepped (organized by local leaders) and the metal hiked in, Jason leads a work team to the villages to install the metal and deepen relationships with the people.

Love is an action. When Jason first heard about their situation, he hiked in to see it himself, and his heart was moved. He promised them he would be back to help. While they wanted to believe him, they had heard this promise from many others before and would never see them again. However, Jason was different. He began asking the questions “what can I do to help” and “how do we empower them”. This is an opportunity to come alongside Jason and empower the Haitian people, and to be blessed as we bless them.

How can I help?
The metal for each home costs approximately 125.00. There are approx. 50-80 homes in each phase of the project. Each phase considered for the project is contingent on the previous phase being complete and the local people engaging at a high level. Would you consider sponsoring 1 – 100 homes?

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