Microfinance Project

We are partnering with Jason and Amanda Stoltzfus who have been serving in Haiti full-time since 2010. They serve their local community and those that desire to be empowered to help themselves. In 2016, Hurricane Matthew caused devastating destruction over a large portion of the Tiburon Peninsula in southwestern Haiti. While many people received aid and support, the people living in the more remote mountain regions were largely left to fend for themselves due to the logistical challenges of reaching them. Jason became aware of their dire situation and the Haiti Project (roofing) was born.

As a result, Jason has worked through and alongside the local leaders over the past 5 years to ensure the project fosters community collaboration and also provides a high level of accountability for anyone receiving a roof (almost 500 homes so far). This process has developed strong relationships and a deep respect for everyone involved.


Now that the relationships have been formed, we desire to empower them to become more sustainable long-term. They are hardworking people that rely on their agriculture projects to survive (both food and selling their product). Their gardens are typically on steep mountainsides, and they often work together for the labor intensive projects. Their biggest challenge is saving enough of seed for the next growing season while still having enough food to sustain them. Another major challenge is receiving a fair market value for their product; it is an 8-10 hike to town and since many people know they need to hike their product out on foot and don’t want to return home with it, they often purchase it from them at the end of the market day at rates well below market value. Therefore, we are launching this microfinance project to empower them to purchase more bean seeds to expand their crops and provide a reliable outlet for their product so they can receive fair market value.

We are partnering with (30) growers for their October 2021 seeding. Each grower will receive 100.00 worth of bean seeds that is to be repaid after they harvest the crop. They are assigned in (5) groups of (6) growers so they are accountable to everyone in their group; this is to promote them following through with repaying their loan after harvest. Jason has assigned a Haitian leader (Lagoute) to oversee the project and he has already spent (2) weeks implementing the framework and educating the growers (sustainability, best growing practices, etc.). We are taking it one crop at a time and need to ensure everyone remains accountable before committing to the next crop. Moving forward, Lagoute plans on spending 1 week per month building relationships with the growers, visiting the bean plots, and ensuring everyone is accountable for their loan.

Love is an action. The people of Bwa Pikan, Haiti have become friends. These trusted relationships are a springboard for empowerment. We understand we can’t do everything, and we can’t help everyone. However, CAN do something, and we can help someone.


How can you help?
We are in the process of fundraising (5k) for this project to cover the bean seeds and Lagoute’s time to oversee the project. Will you consider investing in the people of Bwa Pikan? Here is a video of Fanel (a key local leader) expressing his appreciation for the roofing project.

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