Board of Directors Profiles

Rodney Smoker: Chairman

Rodney is a faith inspired entrepreneur at heart and doesn’t spend much time idle. He currently works in the tech industry where he and a couple of partners own an ERP software company in central PA. He has been working and supporting the non-profit world since the late 90’s. He has been an executive director, CEO and org president, and now much consulting and advisory support to many Lancaster and Chester Counties not for profit efforts. His focus and heart for philanthropic success is stronger today than ever.



Dave Smucker: Vice Chairman

Dave serves as the Director for Branch Network and helps provide leadership for Branch Community. He has a passion to see people discover their identity in Christ, be activated in their God-given talents, and see the Kingdom advanced in all spheres of society. He loves to travel and spend time in nature which is where he connects most deeply with his heavenly Father. Dave has been involved with Branch since the early days of development and is committed to serving the Lord wherever He leads!



Arlin Riehl: Secretary

Arlin serves on the leadership team for Branch Community and is passionate about seeing individuals discover their identity in Christ. Arlin and Naomi recently married and enjoy traveling and a good round of golf. It is a privilege to serve and be a part of what the Lord is doing in the Lancaster region!


Steven Fisher: Treasurer

Steven and his wife, Crystal help bring leadership to Branch Community. They carry a burning desire to see the church activated into her identity and calling as the Bride and Body of Christ. Their greatest joy is spending time with their two children, Jade and Cadence. Steven has been serving on the Board of Directors since it’s inception in 2019 and he considers it a great privilege to collaborate with leaders and churches across the Lancaster region to see Jesus receive the reward of his suffering!



Lewis Zook: Member

Through the years, Lewis has been involved in ministry in local churches and is ordained by Word of Grace Network. Lewis works at Keystone Custom Decks as the permit manager and HR representative. Lewis and his wife, Doris, live in Leola and love being with their three adult children and twin grandkids. They attend Threshold Church and desire to help people walk in freedom and in their identity in Christ. They enjoy exploring mountain roads on their motorcycle, meaningful conversations, and deep relationships.


Marv Esh: Member

Marv is a business owner and partner at Keystone Custom Decks. He and his wife Kate have been married for a little over 5 years. They have 2 sons Lincoln and Carter and love spending time together as a family. They are passionate about seeing people recognize their value and worth. They love seeing individuals that understand their value as a person in return then impact and bring the kingdom to their own families, churches, and sphere of influence.